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If you are betting on NFL football you have come to the right place. My name is Kevin, and I am a popular and trusted handicapper who specializes in NFL football (along with other sports).

My NFL picks are sent to members only (via email), and I've got exciting news, as I've hired professional handicapper, Kyle from The Sports Geek, to also give out his NFL picks to members here. Kyle hit 67% winners last year and is looking to have another big year.

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Broncos vs Cowboys Pick Week 5

2 UNIT = Denver Broncos @ Dallas Cowboys – OVER 55 POINTS (-102) (Note: I’m risking 2.00 units to win 1.96 units) I’m coming right back on a Bronco’s OVER this week as last week the Broncos and Eagles soared OVER the total that closed at 57.5 with a Denver 52-20 victory. Right now Peyton […]

Eagles vs Broncos Pick – NFL Week 4

I’ve got seven picks this week in the NFL, and I’m ready for a big week.  Below is a free pick from one of the seven we’ve got locked in. Click here to get all of my Week 4 picks… 2 UNIT = Philadelphia Eagles @ Denver Broncos – OVER 57 POINTS (-103) (Note: I’m […]

Colts vs 49ers Pick Week 3

Below is the write up for my free pick this week that was sent out earlier in the week. If you are interested in signing up for my picks for the entire season you can click here. I’m looking forward to a great Sunday and hope to help you make some money! Enjoy the football […]


Alright, I'm going to give a run down on exactly how I run this NFL betting picks website…

First let me introduce myself. My name is Kevin and I've been handicapping sports for a couple of years now, with my main focus being NFL football, NHL hockey, and MLB baseball. I've helped a lot of people win money with my picks, and I hope to continue to do so year in and year out in each sport.

I am a VERY trusted and honest handicapper, which is a big reason I have a large following for my picks (the biggest reason being I am a winning bettor).

My full record and units won or loss are displayed on the website's home page for everyone to see – absolutely full disclosure. Why would I hide anything when I am a winning bettor?

OK, so how do my picks work?

Each week I will be releasing two types of plays - "2 Unit" and "4 Unit".

1 unit is 1% of my bankroll. For example, if I had a 4 unit NFL pick this would mean I would be risking 4 units or 4% of my bankroll. To put this into perspective: If I had a $1,000 bankroll I would be wagering $40 or If I had a $10,000 bankroll I would be wagering $400.

I will be risking 2 or 4 units no matter the odds. For example, if we were betting the point spread with -110 odds for a 2 unit pick I would be risking 2.00 units to win 1.82 units.

If we were placing a moneyline bet that had a +130 line for a pick rated 2 units I would risk 2 units to win 2.60 units. If it were a 4 unit play I would risk 4 units to win 5.20 units.

This is pretty basic stuff to the experienced bettors, but I realize I have a lot of casual bettors checking out my NFL betting picks as well. If you don't understand any of this just read over it a few times and send me an email if you still don't understand how it works.

I should also point out that I don't care what my record looks like, and I only care that we are winning money with my picks.

A lot of handicappers will display good records, but you have to realize that they may not even be profiting. If you are laying a lot of chalk on favorites you can have a winning record but be down money. Cappers may show off a 25-10 record, but be laying -400 or -500 on big favorites for a majority of those picks.

If you truly want to see how I am doing check out my units +/-. For example, you may see my record close to .500 but I am up +15 units on the season. This could be because my big plays are hitting, while my smaller plays aren't, or it could be because I'm picking a lot of underdogs on the moneyline.

Just be careful when you see NFL handicapper's records – the bottom line is the money made at the end of the season, not the record.

Anyways, I am a very stand up guy and have nothing here to hide on my NFL betting picks blog. If you have any questions what so ever don't be afraid to email me (my email can be found at the bottom of this page). You can also visit my About Me page to learn more about me, and hear from some past clients of mine that I've helped win money.

I'd appreciate it if you "liked" our page on Facebook.

Good Luck this NFL season, and I hope you bookmark the site!