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Let’s see what some clients have said about me…

“You are awesome best winning % in 5 years…”

-Jerry B.

“All I can say is wow with your 5 Star picks. I have only been with you a short time, but am 5 – 0 on these”


“Nice work today Kevin!! Your 5 star plays are 100% worth the money!”


“I started gambling 5 years ago and quickly learned that betting on my favorite teams and/or the best teams in the league doesn’t work at all. After falling in a hole I started to google search for free predictions/picks. I must have subscribed to at least 20 free sites/emails and none of them were any good. Sure a few would have a nice winning streak every once in a while and then bombard me with emails to pay anywhere from $200-$600 for picks. I was in debt from gambling so I couldn’t pay so much for average picking skills at best. Finally I came across your site from a google search and it is by far the best out there. Not only are your picks constantly better than any site, you post the record and earnings no matter what. The write-ups are great too. I couldn’t believe that they were free this whole time. The best thing was that these expert picks were free for half of the season and instead of charging hundreds like most sites do, you only charged 2 payments of a measly $25 for the rest of the season. I made back that money with your very first pick, not to mention the 3-4 after that that easily came in as winners as well. What really amazes me is that after you charged such a low amount for the 5 star picks (which are pretty much always winners), you were still making a lot of winning daily free picks. You have helped me climb more than half way out of my 3-4 year gambling hole from just the 2nd half of the nhl season and the 1st half of the mlb season. Thank you so much for everything and I hope you can use this for your site so you can make more people money.”


“Hey Kevin, thanks for another awesome 5 star pick. That pick made enough money to pay for my vegas trip this weekend. Thanks again, and I hope you continue to make great picks.”

-Steve K.

“I found Kevin back in January (2011) when he was capping NHL and I haven’t looked back since. Kevin’s probably the most honest an sincere capper that I’ve ever come across and I’m in my mid 50’s.Right now Kevin is in the middle of MLB, his 5 star MLB plays are his strongest plays and have hit at a very high rate, when Kevin was giving out his NHL GOM that to also hit at a very high rate..When I see the 5 star play in MLB, I know I’m going to make some cash. Kevin is very hard working an truthful which, hard working an truthful never go together when your talking about a capper, BUT it does with Kevin. I’m very happy I stumbled across his site because like I said I haven’t looked back and NEVER will. MLB 5star an NHL GOM month are serious winners.There’s so much I could write about Kevin that is positive. If your undecided on a capper and you see Kevin’s site I strongly recommend you join AND you will not be disappointed.. I’m just a gambler that decided to tell the rest of the world that who ever isn’t following Kevin is missing out..Thank You Kevin”

-Jim from Boston…

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Last year I sent an email out to clients asking for testimonials and here are screenshots of just some of the return emails from happy clients…

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If you have any questions what so ever I would love you to contact me – my email is Kevin (@) I provide a great service with my NFL picks, and look to have a great winning season. I hope you can join me and hundreds of my happy clients following along for the 2013 season!