NFL Betting Sites

Looking for an online betting site to throw down your NFL weekly bets?

From years of betting online I have quite a bit of experience with online betting sites, and feel I am pretty qualifed to recommend the top sportsbooks for NFL bettors.

Below I have listed three of my favorite betting sites, and I will explain why I have chosen them as the best NFL betting sites.

#1) 5Dimes

Hands down my number one sportsbook right now.  5Dimes has been around for a number of years now, and are known as one of the safest and trusted online sports betting sites out there.  If you are betting $500 or less per play you will have access to the reduced juice lines (-105 spread lines for NFL), which can be the difference between a winning and losing NFL season.  Customer support at 5Dimes is great, and they will even have real people answer the phone when you dial the support number.  They treat their bettors as they should be treated – we are valuable customers and they realize that.  Depositing at 5Dimes isn’t too difficult, and payouts are usually very quick.  I won’t go through all the deposit methods, as they change from country to country, but I will tell you if you contact support they will help you deposit.  New sign ups will receive up to $520 in free bonus money at 5Dimes.  In order to be eligible for the bonus you must click here to sign up and then email or call customer service and let them know you want the new sign up bonus $.  The backend, where you will find the NFL lines, is very clean – one of my favorite all around sportsbooks for ease of use for sure.  Overall a top notch NFL betting site that I highly recommend to anyone.

#2) (For US) or (For Canadians)

Bovada and Bodog are the same company, but serve different countries.  The Bodog company has been around for over 15 years, and prides itself on never missing a payout since it’s existence.   Although they cater more to casual bettors, Bodog can be a solid choice especially when betting against heavily favored teams that the public is all over.  The new bonus is a 50% bonus up to $250 free.  This means that if you deposit $100 you will receive 50% of that ($50) added to your account balance.  Bodog is maybe the best option for depositing, and although sometimes the payouts are slow getting to bettors they do always pay out (and often quickly when things are running smoothly).  I make sure I always have money on a few of the “square” betting sites for betting underdogs and Bodog/Bovada is a great choice.  US residents click here to sign up for Bovada and Canadians can click here to sign up for

#3) BetOnline

It seems as this newer betting site is here to stay.  They are quickly becoming one of the most popular sportsbooks, and should be a solid place to have some of your NFL bankroll deposited at.  They have very competitive VIP programs going on, along with competitive sign up bonuses.  I’m not quite sure the sign up bonus right now, as they always change it, but you be assured that you will receive a big time bonus for the NFL season.  Credit card deposits are simple at BetOnline, and many other deposit options are there for you if needed.  Payouts are extremely fast, which is a huge bonus.  Click here to get the latest sign up bonus at BetOnline.

I recommend checking out your local laws about online gambling, as some countries (or individual states) have been cracking down on sports betting online.  Betting online may be illegal in your country.